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По умолчанию Sifu's view on the importance of grading

The Sifu asked that I share his view on the importance of grading for ILC students as follows:

The purpose of grading is to give each I-Liq Chuan student the confidence of knowing that their skill at each level tested has been verified and validated by an officially authorized instructor.

With this validation, an I-Liq Chuan student has the ability to go anywhere I-Liq Chuan classes, workshops and seminars are held in the United States and throughout the world and be recognized and respected for the skills achieved.

Without this grading, an I-Liq Chuan student, with no recognized standing in the system, would have no authoritative source to effectively answer any challenge of their opinions of, or instructions in the art of I-Liq Chuan.
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thanks rose!

if nothing else, the grading system helps to reinforce the curriculum, as laid down by the Sifu. the curriculum gives us a path to follow so we don't wander off on the worng path. i think this will be more important after Sigong, Sifu and Jimmy are gone.
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