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По умолчанию Europe Taichi Paris 2006

From December 14th to 17th 2006, the Russian Iliqchuan team participated in the traditional Chinese internal martial arts championship «Europa Taichi Paris 2006» held in France, which hosted teams from thirteen European countries. Russian group was mostly composed of first- and second-year students, most of whom had never participated in a tournament of such scope before.

For the first time in any official competition, the “Fast forms” section saw an Iliqchuan form Hudiezhang, or “butterfly”. Sergey Sokolov (Metakor), 2nd-level instructor and student of the 4th level, was awarded silver medal for his performance. >> video on youtube.com

Moving tuishou (pushing hands) was done by new rules. These now included not only tipping over the opponent or pushing him/her outside the ground but also thrusting the opponent away. This motivated the participants to use short force efforts instead of the regular strength combat.

Darya Sergeeva, captain of the Russian team, won a special prize for best technique in moving tuishou, and, having also won gold medals for moving and fixed-step tuishou, became a two-times European champion (Darya won the 3rd European Championship in taichichuan and other internal styles in 2004).

All in all, the Russian Iliqchuan team won 28 medals!

>> Pictures from the championship

Darya Sergeeva – fixed-step and moving tuishou champion (below 60 kilos), winner of the special prize (gold medal plus a memorable medal “EUROPA TAICHI PARIS 2006”) “For best technique” moving tuishou, winner of the silver medal for taolu “21 form”.
Sergey Sokolov – tuishou champion (fixed-step, below 70 kilos), silver for fast forms in other taichichuan styles and taolu “21 form”, bronze for moving tuishou (below 70 kilos).
Sergey Molodyka – winner of silver for fixed-step tuishou (below 70 kilos) and bronze for taolu “21 form”.
Dmitry Trofimov – champion in fixed-step and moving tuishou (below 65 kilos), silver prize for taolu “21 form”.
Maxim Novikov – winner of the silver prize in spot and moving tuishou (below 90 kilos), bronze for taolu “21 form”.
Elena Belova – winner of bronze for fixed-step tuishou (below 60 kilos).
Tatiana Petrova – champion in fixed-step and moving tuishou (below 50 kilos), bronze prize for taolu “21 form”.
Svetlana Mamchur – champion in fixed-step tuishou and silver prize in moving tuishou (below 65 kilos).
Maria Biryukova – silver prize for tuishou in movement and bronze prize for fixed-step tuishou (below 55 kilos).
Andrey Gusev – champion of fixed-step and moving tuishou (above 90 kilos).
Nikolay Volkov – champion of taolu “21 form”.
Sergey Nemtsev – winner of the silver medal for fixed-step tuishou (below 80 kilos).

Antony Ly, President of the Organizing Committee, and Ilias Calimintzos, Head Judge of the championship, presented shifu Alexander Skalozub a memorable medal “EUROPA TAICHI PARIS 2006” and the Iliqchuan team, a memorable plaque “EUROPA TAICHI PARIS 2006”.

On the awards ceremony, shifu Alexander Skalozub in his turn presented Hugues Deriaz, president of the French Wushu Federation, the book of shigun Chin Fansiong and tutorial video disks with taolu “21 form of Iliqchuan”.
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Thumbs up Way to go!!!

Congradulations fellow brothers & sisters!!! Keep up the hard work, you guys are awesome!! I hope to meet you all one day!
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