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Поиск: Сообщения от: veggiecook
Раздел: Main Forum 21.11.2008, 01:25
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Автор veggiecook
I-Liq Chuan concepts and principles

In answer to your question Peter I will quote one of my favorite Zen sayings by D.T Suzuki.
"Zen teaches nothing; it merely enables us to wake up and become aware. It does not teach, it points."
Раздел: Main Forum 10.05.2007, 01:19
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Автор veggiecook
Thumbs up A note of thanks to Sergi and Ashe

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this new forum link for I-Liq Chuan. This will give interested people a place to exchange ideas and pose questions. You did a superb job.....thank...
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